A new custom Knitt completed in October 2020
Cable Stitch hand knitted with 100% Wool creating a gorgeous Bomber Cardi for a very special person.
September 2020 Commission was to create a hand knitted Wool Bed Runner for a King Bed in a unique bespoke pattern of Knit-Purl-Knit. This design has elevated the piece to achieve beautiful definition with the three rows of stitches, capturing your eye and making it a luxury piece to style.
Above is our newest Piece of Woollen Wall Art. 
A beautifully balanced piece of Art that conveys a richness in the intense blackness coupled with restraint of the design. A handwoven moody piece that explores the differences in haptic qualities through alternating the juxtaposition of raw and hand felted wool. 
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Above is our most recent Commission for one of Melbourne's finest Interior Architect Studios.
(more images to come soon!)


We love working with Interior Architects/Designers to create a bespoke handmade Oversized Knitted Wall Installation. We can create a piece for your residential or commercial space.
Bespoke size, colour, textiles (wool, leather, linen, cotton) Our Oversize Knitted Wall Installation pieces are are fabulous for a blank wall in your home, reception area of a business, boardroom or foyer area of a hotel. Totally customisable to your space and your vision.
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