All wool products will pill and shed, as we use unspun merino roving - shedding and pilling will occur naturally - however with a little careful maintenance you can keep your Oversize Knitt Woollen Piece looking beautiful.

To remove pilling, all you need to do is pinch the part that is pilled with your fingers and gently tease it off the stitch, at the same time holding the stitch with your other hand to avoid the stitch from stretching out of place. Smooth down any fibres that may be sticking out by running your hand along the stitch where you have removed the pilling and tucking any stray fibres back into the stitch.

If you need to clean your Oversized Knitt Woollen Throw, we only advise a gentle spot clean with cold water. Do not agitate the fibres or rub them together as this will felt the fibres and your blanket will loose its inherent soft delicate feel.

Lay the section of your blanket that you have spot cleaned onto a clean dry towel, fold the towel over the blanket and gently press/squeeze the moisture out of the section you have cleaned. Allow to dry flat.

 As we are designing and creating our woollen pieces the method we use does minimise possible pilling, however they are still a delicate handmade piece which requires you to love it and handle it gently!